TKM10 m3 Mobile Grain Dryer

TKM10 m3 model is a part of the S series of TKM Mobile Grain Dryers, which has the smallest, most portable and compact units in our category. Products from this lineup is good for anything from small to medium farmlands, as their relatively smaller profile and compact size allow them to be relocated with much ease. But regardless of their weight, they are able to dry and refine anything from 7 to 25 tons of finished product per day, depending on grain type and environmental conditions. TKM S Series Mobile Grain Dryers can be an excellent workhorse to a thriving farm, to shoulder the workload and enhance the quality of the end product to a refined state. Furthermore, even though these models are smaller in capacity, they still retain the quality characteristics of their siblings in bigger classes. The TKM10 Mobile Grain Dryer comes in gas, diesel, and solid fuel configurations.

This specific model of TKM10 Mobile Grain Dryer features a PTO system.

TKM10 m3 Burner (Diesel and Gas) Grain Dryer Specifications

TKM10 m3 Solid Fuel Grain Dryer