Who are we:

Our company, which was founded in 1972 by our father Ziya Özçeşmeci, continued its operations until 1980 by doing technical and mechanical works, which we call market works, in those days, by doing harvester maintenance works, generally related to the leather industry sector and the agricultural sector.

Since the 1980s, it has moved into manufacturing and industry, producing large sprinkler heads produced for the first time in Turkey and PTO driven irrigation pumps that can work with tractors, and has become a leading company in the Turkish market. By starting the branding process in the ’80s and registering the ÖZSU brand, it became one of the firsts in our region. It provided services to many of our farmers by working with corporate companies such as Tarım Kredi Koop, Sugar Beet Cultivators Coops, and Ege Yıldız, which made corporate sales in Turkey by obtaining test reports for the products it manufactured under the ÖZSU brand in those years. In 1997, it developed its institutionalization efforts and became a limited company. In 1999, with the Chinese factor coming to the fore in the global markets, it changed its manufacturing sector and started to manufacture grain drying machines. In his early years, he carried out maintenance, repair and improvements of machines coming from abroad. In 2000, it stepped into the sector by producing its first machine of its own design and compatible with Turkey’s conditions. Until 2008, the ÖZSU brand was quickly accepted in the domestic market and became a sought-after brand in the paddy rice industry. By making its first export in 2008, it started to open up to world markets as the ÖZSU brand.

Meanwhile, our company, which constantly improves itself, produced and patented the solid fuel grain drying machine for the first time in Turkey and in the world. In addition, it has obtained Test Reports, Agricultural Credit documents and domestic goods certificates for all the machines it produces and has sold them to our local farmers under the most favorable conditions.

On the other hand, it has successfully carried out its export-oriented work and has become competitive with its competitors in the world by exporting to more than 40 countries in the world. The operation of our numerous machines in many countries in continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa and Central Asia has increased the recognition of the ÖZSU brand in the sector. It has completely cut off imports in the sector and largely stopped the imports of foreign brands coming to Turkey from abroad.

It became the best-selling brand in Russia in 2022. Every year, it has managed to be among the top 100 companies in its sector in the exporters’ association classification. Our company, which always continues its investment, innovation and R&D activities, aims to double its capacity and annual production by purchasing a 2200m² factory building in the Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa. In addition, our company, which aims to expand into world markets, has among its goals to complete its US structuring in 2024 by establishing a new company in the USA within TOBB.

Our Quality Policy

•To meet customer needs on time and as desired,
•To inform the customer in detail about the use of our product,
•To increase the continuity of customer satisfaction with our product and service quality.
•To determine customer needs and expectations in the most accurate way and to meet their demands at the maximum level.
•Following the innovations in the sector and making relevant investments,
•To increase production efficiency and ensure quality by aiming for continuous development.
•Increasing the qualification level of our staff through continuous training activities,
•Always being a reliable company,

Özsu Tarım Machines Ltd. has a strong technical staff with engineers and technicians. We continue our activities in teh sector with all our employees who are aware that quality is a common responsibility.