ÖZSU Makine was founded by Mr. Ziya ÖZÇEŞMECİ in Gönen district of Balıkesir in 1972 and is currently managed by his sons Eren and Erol ÖZÇEŞMECİ. In the first years of its production life, it served its customers as a lathe and welding workshop in line with the market needs of the day. In the 1980s, it manufactured large sprinkler heads and tail shaft centrifugal pumps and worked with organizations such as EGE YILDIZ, PANKO BİRLİK, TARIM KREDİ in this sector. We started manufacturing grain dryers in 2000 and in a short time our company proved itself in this sector and became a leader in Turkey. With this experience gained over the years, Özsu Makine not only sells its machines to the domestic market but also exports them to 10 different countries and continues to develop its customer network day by day. It continues its production life and develops its product range in its facility in Bandırma Organized Industrial Zone, where it moved in 2013, divided into 18,000 m² open and 5,500 m² closed production area equipped with the latest technology, storage area, assembly area, offices and paint shop. Our biggest goal is to ensure that our production is continuous and successful with all the different projects we have implemented and will implement to date. Continuity in quality, affordable prices with feasible projects, mutual trust and honesty will always be the basic principles and indispensable values that form our vision.

Our Quality Policy

•To meet customer needs on time and as desired,
•To inform the customer in detail about the use of our product,
•To increase the continuity of customer satisfaction with our product and service quality.
•To determine customer needs and expectations in the most accurate way and to meet their demands at the maximum level.
•Following the innovations in the sector and making relevant investments,
•To increase production efficiency and ensure quality by aiming for continuous development.
•Increasing the qualification level of our staff through continuous training activities,
•Always being a reliable company,

Özsu Tarım Machines Ltd. has a strong technical staff with engineers and technicians. We continue our activities in teh sector with all our employees who are aware that quality is a common responsibility.